Web Design

Refreshing the Western's Web Design

Keeping Western’s web presence current and relevant to our key audiences is an important priority for Communications and Public Affairs.

The Communications web team, along with three summer students, and a Jr. web developer have been hard at work this summer to bring a web refresh to the campus community. As of late May 2017, the updated design has been available in Cascade and any unit can migrate their existing website to this exciting new design.

We took a research-focused and user-centric approach to updating the design for the Cascade web templates. Visually, the template is a lot wider giving site administrators much-desired extra space for their content. A hero banner spans across the entire width of the homepage for striking visual impact. The homepage slideshow can now play embedded YouTube videos. We are adding new CSS classes and new interactive widgets to give web editors more ways to present their content and tell their stories.

Please get in touch with the Communications web team at web@uwo.ca if you have any questions.