Banners and Slides


If a banner is preferred over a slider, it can be added through the "banner information" panel on the index page. The same naming conventions of titles and captions apply. The banner will need to be 1920 x 600px. When placing images in a page, do not specify their width. Specifying only their height allows them to resize properly with the page on sites powered by responsive design.


On the homepage templates, you can add a rotating slideshow, the cycle will rotate every 6 seconds. Alternatively, a user can rotate through images using keyboard arrow keys. The slideshow may be paused by hovering the mouse over the photo. The slideshow is made through a block and can be edited by navigating to: _cms > blocks > xhtml > homepage slides (naming may be slightly different depending on template).

The content in the slideshow can be modified by editing the blocks and filling in the form. There should be no more than 5 items in a slideshow The slides can be easily reordered. In the top left corner, there are options for editing slides (plus and minus boxes), reordering slides (black arrow), and order of slides (ie. 1 of 2)