King's completes incorporation process

By Communications Staff
January 02, 2014

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Following the completion of an institutional incorporation process, King’s University College is now a separate entity apart from its initial parent, Diocese of London, both institutions announced last week.

“This has been an extremely positive process,” said David Sylvester, King’s principal. “King’s is a leading Catholic institution in the country thanks to the vision of the Diocese of London and I am happy to recognize its contributions. This is an incredibly positive step for the King’s community and it is the natural evolution of King’s. It also reflects the status of other similar institutions across North America.”

“King’s is one of the best Catholic universities in Canada,” said the Rev. Ronald Fabbro, CSB, Bishop of London. “The incorporation process is similar to what has happened with other schools and hospitals founded by dioceses and religious orders. It is my intent and hope that King’s will continue to grow and prosper.”

Established in 1954, King’s was the vision of the diocese and Western. Since its founding, King’s was formally owned and governed by the diocese, which had set aside 11 acres and constructed a building to assist in the fledgling educational institution. In 1972, King’s took responsibility for the overall operations and governance of the college. The incorporation process was the next logical step in the maturation of the King’s as a major Catholic university in Canada.

The transfer, which has been under discussion for a number of years, was approved by the Vatican in August 2012. The transfer was recently completed after various government regulatory processes were completed.

As part of the transfer, King’s will obtain official ownership of the land and buildings currently held in its footprint.

“We have operated administratively separate from the Diocese since the 1970s,” Sylvester said. “Students, faculty and staff will see no change in our day-to-day operations.”


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