Graduating students weigh in on Western career

By Jason Winders
October 24, 2013

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If students are the best ambassadors for a postsecondary institution, then Western’s 2012-13 graduating class have continued that tradition. According to the recently released Report on the Survey of Graduating Students: 2012-13, 92.4 per cent of recent graduates would recommend Western to a friend. That number remained consistent with last year’s mark of 92.6.

The survey, with findings posted publicly this week, was distributed to 5,589 undergraduate, certificate and diploma students who were expected to graduate at the fall 2012 or spring 2013 convocations. Of these, an amazing 2,209 questionnaires (39.5 per cent) were returned.

The survey was a 12-item questionnaire in which graduates rated their satisfaction with academic courses and programs; quality of instruction; degree to which their university experience enhanced a range of abilities and skills; and satisfaction with Western’s physical facilities and administrative services. Graduates were also asked to describe their reasons for choosing Western; their funding sources while at university; education-related debt upon graduation; and plans for future employment or study.

Following years of declining response rates, the spring 2013 survey was streamlined. Questions regarding living arrangements, employment, reasons for pursuing a postsecondary education and satisfaction with physical facilities were removed to focus mainly on academic questions.

Western has conducted the survey since 1995.


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