Ivey students turn lemons into a sweet donation

By Communications Staff
April 12, 2013

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Despite bad weather and numerous challenges and twists, Ivey Business School HBA students raised $108,013 for the United Way – the highest total in the three years of the Hunter Straker and Ivey Give Lemonaid program.

The fundraising challenge is the final event of the HBA1s’ Learning Through Action program. Students use the business and leadership skills learned in class to raise funds for United Way Microloan Matched Savings Program and other poverty reduction strategies by selling lemonade throughout London and area.

“This is a great idea,” said HBA student Jayanth Prakhya. “It’s a good way for the students to get involved and to help the community that has helped us throughout the year. It’s a wonderful way to end the year. The pressure is off now so we could focus on this one thing.”

This is the third year of the Lemonaid event. Students raised more than $30,000 the first year for the Boys and Girls Club of London, and more than $42,000 last year also for the United Way.

“You often hear that students are disconnected with their communities,” said Andrew Lockie, EMBA ’05, and CEO of United Way London & Middlesex. “In fact the opposite is true. Young people today really want to make a difference. There is no better demonstration of that than what we saw today.”

The 601 students were grouped into 80 teams. Each team was given a unique twist for their challenge, including limitations on stand locations, ability to speak to customers, price, mascot and more.

Student teams received $50 in seed money and a cardboard lemonade stand they put together themselves along with a pitcher, a set of crayons and a wooden spoon.

“I shouldn’t be surprised that Ivey students find ways to challenge themselves to take what were some pretty aggressive goals and shatter them,” said Matthew Diamond, HBA ’96, managing partner of Hunter Straker. “We’re unbelievably proud of what they’ve accomplished over the last two days.”


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