Huron tops student experience rankings

By Jason Winders
February 16, 2012

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Huron University College students think the Western University affiliate is tops, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), released in week’s Maclean’s magazine’s Student Issue. Huron finished first out of 62 Canadian universities in two key student experience rankings of the senior-year students.

Huron had 72 per cent of senior-year students answer ‘excellent’ to the question “Are you happy with your university education?” Brescia University College (63 per cent, fifth), King’s University College (55 per cent, 10th) and Western University (43 per cent, 18th) followed. The national average was 38 per cent. When the same question was posed to first-year students, Huron (49 per cent) finished sixth nationally, followed by Western (47 per cent, 11th), King’s (41 per cent, 15th) and Brescia (40 per cent, 16th). The national average was 38 per cent.

Huron had 75 per cent of senior-year students answer ‘definitely yes’ to the question “Would you go back to school at your university?” King’s (61 per cent, eighth), Brescia (58 per cent, ninth) and Western (49 per cent, 19th) followed. The national average was 44 per cent. When the same question was posed to first-year students, Huron (54 per cent) and Western (54 per cent) finished 12th nationally, followed by King’s (53 per cent, 16th) and Brescia (40 per cent, 41st). The national average was 45 per cent.

The results were based on two satisfaction questions from NSSE in which 62 Canadian universities participated. These questions were selected by Maclean’s as the most representative of the student experience. Maclean’s also published two questions from the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) in which Western, Brescia, Huron and King’s did not take part.

In that same issue, available on newsstands now, is a profile of Western professor Marjorie Johnson, 3M National Teaching Award recipient.


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