University celebrates sustainability

By Heather Travis
March 24, 2011

With Earth Hour just around the corner (Saturday, March 26), The University of Western Ontario announced this year’s winners of the annual Green Awards, an honour recognizing students, faculty and staff members who have made positive contributions to sustainability at the university.

A recipient reception will be held at Michael's Garden during the week of April 4.

This year’s award winners are:

Marsha Cooke

Marsha Cooke, third-year Faculty of Engineering student

Marsha Cooke is responsible for arranging group cleanups for parks and places around campus, as well as instituting environmental challenges every month through the Undergraduate Engineering Society and other clubs she is involved with. She cultivates her own garden to help reduce her carbon footprint and has initiated a composting program.


Operation GreenOperation Green - Yoan Kagoma, Nathan Stall and Jen Bondy, third-year medical students at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

As the founders of Operation Green, Jen Bondy, Yoan Kagoma and Nathan Stall have spearheaded an initiative to recycle surgical supplies and donate them to developing nations. In any surgical procedure, many items are prepared for instant access if required by the surgeon, but not used during the procedure. Operation Green collects these items, re-sterilizes them and ships them to developing countries. These efforts help ease the enormous environmental burden caused by surgical overages and provides surgical equipment to populations that desperately require it. The first shipment of recycled supplies was recently sent off and it weighed more than 500 pounds and was valued at almost $15,000. 

Honourable mention

Department of Communications and Public Affairs community relations specialist Marcia Steyaert, King’s University College graduate program secretary Sarah Morrison and the Environment and Sustainability Society received honourable mentions.


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