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Science honours its own

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September 30, 2010

On Sept. 23, The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Science honoured its own at a Faculty and Staff Recognition Day banquet.

Those recognized were:

•    Professor emeritus: M.B. Fenton and P. Handford, biology; P. Gutherie, R. Martin, and P. Norton, chemistry; R. Kane and P. Milnes, mathematics;
•    Retiring: A. Downing, computer science;
•    Awards of Excellence for Undergrad Teaching: Jisuo Jin, earth sciences, and Carol Jones, physics and astronomy;
•    Award of Excellence Outreach and Recruitment: The Astronomy Group;
•    Awards for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring: David Shoesmith, chemistry;
•    University Students Council (USC) Teaching Award Recipients: Robert Hudson, chemistry, and Jan Minac, mathematics;
•    Dean's Special Award of Merit: Sharon Kennedy, dean's office, and Patrick Whippey, physics and astronomy;
•    OCUFA Teaching Award: Cam Tsujita, earth sciences;
•    USC Teaching Honour Roll: Allan Macisaac and Adam Metzler, applied mathematics; Michael Butler, Irena Creed, Norm Huner, Daria Koscinski and Jennifer Waugh, biology; Kim Baines, Nathan Jones and Felix Lee, chemistry; Michael Burrell, Claudette Critchley, Mark Daley, Lucian Ilie, Lila Kari and Sylvia Osborn, computer science; Stephen Hicock, Jisuo Jin, Gordon Osinski and Gerhard Pratt, earth science; Andre Boivin, Jan Minac and Gordon Sinnamon, mathematics; Eugene Wong, physics and astronomy; Bruce Jones, Rogemar Mamon, John Mereu and Serge Provost, statistical and actuarial sciences
•    Distingished Research Professorship: Bernie Kraatz, chemistry;
•    Florence Bucke Prize: Dan Christensen, mathematics;
•    Faculty Scholars Award: Robert Hudson and Bernie Kraatz, chemistry; David Riley, mathematics; and Eugene Wong, physics and astronomy;
•    Western Award of Excellence: Mitch Zimmer, dean's office, and John Brunet, earth science;
•    Staff Award of Excellence: Sherri Waring, biology, and Brian Dalrymple, physics and astronomy;
•    New Staff: Hillary Bain and Monica Chirigel, biology; Monique Durr, Biotron; Allison McInnis, Centre for Environment and Sustainability; and Kate Baker, dean's office;
•    NSERC Accelerator Award 2010: Chris Guglielmo, biology;
•    Electrochemical Society Canadian Section Electrochemical Award: David Shoesmith, chemistry;
•    Canadian Association for Computer Science Outstanding Young Computer Science Research Prize: Eric Schost, computer science;
•    CBA Lawson Medal: Paul Cavers, biology;
•    GM & R&D Innovation Award for Fundamentals of Interfacial Tribology: Peter Norton, chemistry;
•    Green Umbrella Award: Jane Bowles;
•    Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering Award: Leo Lau, chemistry;
•    Mitacs Mentorship Award of Excellence: Marc Moreno Maza, computer science;
•    John C. Polanyi Award of the Canadian Society of Chemistry: T.K. Sham, chemistry;
•    Distinguished Service Award from the American Associate of Physic Teachers: Patrick Whippey, physics and astronomy;
•    Ranked Top 10 by the Microsoft Academic Search in the area of Scienctific Computing: Stephen Watt, computer science;
•    Early Researcher Awards: Victor Staroverov, chemistry; Neil Banerjee, earth sciences; Giovanni Fanchini, Sarah Gallagher and Tamie Poepping, physics and astronomy;
•    CSPP Gold Medal: Norm Huner, biology.
•    Best paper award at the 2010 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium: Mike Bauer (and R. Bahati), computer science;
•    Best paper in North American Actuarial Journal: Rogemar Mamon (coauthors Christina Erlwein and Tak Kuen Siu), statistical and actuarial sciences;
•    CRC Chairs, new: Brian Branfireun;
•    CRC Chairs, renewals: Martin Houde, physics and astronomy, and Rick Jardine, mathematics;
•    Chairs completing terms: John deBruyn, physics and astronomy;
•    25 years service: Robert Dean and Tom Haffie, biology; Anna Vandendries-Barr, chemistry; Sue Brown, dean's office; Robert Mercer and Areski Nait-Abdallah, computer science; Lex Renner, mathematics; Jackie McLean and Mahi Singh, physics and astronomy; and Cindy Munro, SharcNet;
•    35 years service: David Bellhouse, statistical and actuarial sciences;
•    40 years service: Alan Noon, biology; Paul Milnes and Janet Williams, mathematics;
•    Retiring staff: Mary Dillon, biology; David Martin, computer science; and Mike Debruyn, physics and astronomy;
•    Promotion to professor: L. Wahl, applied mathematics; D. Christensen, mathematics; S. Basu and P. Brown, physics and astronomy;
•    Promotion to associate professor with tenure: C. Guglielmo, H. Henry and E. MacDougall-Shackleton, biology; N. Jones and P. Ragogna, chemistry; P. Corcoran, earth sciences; T. Foth, mathematics; R. Shafikov, mathematics; P. Wiegert, physics and astronomy; W. He and R. Mamon, statistical and actuarial sciences;
•    New faculty: Brian Branfireun and R. Zabulionis, biology; Robert Linnen, earth sciences.


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