Instructions for Migrating Your Website to the 2017 Template

Updating Existing Design Templates to the New 2017 Design

  1. In Cascade CMS (, navigate to the website you would to migrate to the new design.
  2. Click on the “Manage Site” tab in top navigation
  3. Click on “Configurations” in the left navigation bar
  4. Select the configuration you would like to transition to the “2017 Design Master”
  5. Click on “Edit” the configuration
  6. Under the “Template” heading you will see the template currently being used on this configuration.
    1. Select the current template; this should prompt you to select a new template.
    2. Click on the “Browse” tab, this will allow you to search your Cascade directories.
    3. Select “2017 Design Master” > “Shared Templates”.
    4. Choose the new template which correlates to the configuration you are editing
  7. Repeat steps 5-7 for all the configurations you want to transition into the new redesign

Updating Homepage Slideshows in the New 2017 Design

Once the template migration is done, the website slideshow needs to be updated separately.
  1. Update the slides block
    1. Go to “Site Content” tab at the top of the Cascade interface
    2. Find the slideshow block (ex. _cms > blocks > xhtml > slides)
    3. Go to “Edit” the slides block. Switch to the “Properties” tab
    4. Change the existing “Data Definition” to “2017 Design Master: Data Definitions/Slide Show AODA Compliant”
  2. Change the slideshow format on all pages that use the slideshow block
    1. Go to “Edit” in the index page. Switch to the “Configure” tab
    2. Under the heading “Slideshow” find the existing format. Change this to “2017 Design Master: /slideshow AODA compliant full width with alt tags and stored slides
    3. Repeat steps 2.1 – 2.3 for all pages on your site that use the slides block