Why Use Twitter?



Western’s main Twitter presence is @westernu. Additional accounts are listed in our Social Media Directory.



Content requests can be sent in advance to and should include drafts of the proposed social media posts, following Western's post-request template & process

For more information on the style of a Western tweet, see "Voice" below.



Western’s Twitter voice is friendly and professional

Western never engages in editorializing on Twitter, nor do we offer personal opinions on our own tweets or the tweets of others through any Western-affiliated account. Offering our own opinions through a Western account on a hot topic can reflect poorly on Western as a whole even if good intentions are meant.

Here are some quick guidelines on what we are looking for to keep all our content consistent:

Referring to Western:

On Twitter, when referring to "Western" or "Western University", use "#WesternU" instead.

Tone & Content:

Keep engagement and conversation in mind and try to alternate between promotion and conversation.

Links and photos are optional but can help your posts reach more people and achieve higher engagement. 

Character Length:

Tweets are best kept to 117 characters or less.

Facebook Posts are best kept to 209 characters or less.

"Class of …":

On Twitter, use hashtags for classes: i.e. #WesternU2017, #WesternU2013.

On Facebook, consider contacting the Class of Facebook Page for the year(s) in question and asking them to distribute your message.


When submitting to for Western's main Twitter & Facebook accounts, please do not use any URL shorteners.

On Twitter, links add 22 characters to links (please keep tweets with links limited to 117 characters + your link).


Use Hashtags (i.e. #WesternU, #ldnont) on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Western's official hashtag is #WesternU - use this to reach the Western twitter community.

Mustangs/Sports hashtag is #PurpleReign - use this to reach the Western Mustangs fan community.

Regional Hashtags: London - #ldnont; Toronto - #Toronto or #YYZ; Calgary - #YYC; Vancouver - #YVR or #VanCity.

For examples of Western's current social content, please see and



Western retweets messages from other official Western University twitter accounts, as well as members of the campus, London and post-secondary education communities.


Creating an Account

*Twitter is a public platform and any new Twitter accounts should be created in partnership with your area's member of the Social Media Advisory Group.

Western Twitter accounts have a responsibility to respond to incoming questions and comments. To accomplish this goal, all Western Twitter accounts must have a primary account manager responsible for ensuring that the account will be checked a minimum of once every AM and once every PM on business days. 

The primary account manager and all additional supporting staff should be subscribed to a mailing list that receives account notiications.  Before creating your new account, determine your primary account manager and supporting staff and arrange with ITS to have a mailing list created. You may also wish to include your Faculty or Department Communciations Manager included in this mailing list to help them to support your social media work.

Choosing your Western Twitter username:

Determine your Twitter username. Official Western twitter accounts are all named the same way. 

Examples: @westernu, @westernuCS, @westernuFM, @westernuBooks, @westernuReg

Enter the email address that will receive notifications for your new account (this is the shared mailing list that will reach the person primarily responsible for the account, as well as additional supporting staff).

Choosing a password:
  • Please create a new unique password for your social media work. It should include both upper and lower case, letters and numbers as well as punctuation.
  • You may need to access your Twitter account from a mobile device or home computer and it is best if you will be able to memorize this new password.
  • If you like, you can share this password with Communications for support with your new account.
  • Please document your password with other departmental, shared passwords in a secure location.
Follow some friends:
Follow the following Twitter accounts to get started:
  • westernu
  • westernuLaw
  • westernuArts
  • westernuScience
  • SchulichMedDent
  • iveybusiness
  • westernuEng
  • westernuFHS
  • westernuCS
  • westernuReg
  • westernuMusic
  • westernuEdu
  • westernulibs
  • westernuITS
  • westernuSocSci

Account Settings:
Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and then select Settings from the drop down menu.
Set your time zone to Eastern Standard Time & Save.
Click on Email Notifications in the left menu.
Make sure that the following are checked:
  • "Tweets I'm mentioned in are retweeted" (Make sure drop down is set to By Anyone)
  • "My Tweets get a reply or I'm mentioned in a Tweet" (Make sure drop down is set to By Anyone)
  • "I'm sent a Direct Message"
  • "Someone shares a tweet with me"
Everything else can be optionally unchecked - and this is recommended to lower the amount of email that you receive from Twitter.
Click on Profile in the left menu.
Create your Western Twitter photo using the approved template for official Twitter accounts.
Populate your location as London, Ontario, Canada
Fill in your homepage web address.
Populate your bio copy.
Save your changes.
Click on Design in the left menu.
Scroll past the free backgrounds to the Customize Your Own section
Click Change Background and upload the approved background for official Twitter accounts
Check the box to tile the background image file. 
Set the background colour as #ffffff
Set the link colour as #4f2683
Click Save Changes
Your twitter account is ready to go! If you will need a quiet period to practice, please make sure to set your account to private until you are ready for attention.


Profile Photo

Official Western Twitter accounts use a special Photoshop template to help us look like a family and make it easy to tell whether an account is official.  The template below will require Photoshop. Please contact if you would like to work with Creative Services to create your profile photo for you. 



Changing a Twitter Username

Follow the steps below to change a Twitter @username. Please note this should be done sparingly to avoid confusion with your audiences.

Note: In addition to your current Twitter email address, you will need a second email address that you have access to and check on a regular basis.

Step One: What is your Western @username?

Examples: @westernu, @westernuCS, @westernuFM, @westernuBooks, @westernuReg

Step Two: Changing your current username

Step Three: Protect your old username


Sample placeholder Twitter account.

Step Four: Broken Links & Awareness


Sample announcement tweet from Facilities Management.

Close an Account

Follow the steps below to close a Twitter account.

Step One: Changes to the Account


Sample placeholder Twitter account.

Step Two: Broken Links & Awareness