About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the primary social media monitoring, publishing, customer service & reporting tool for Western University. Almost 50 teams across campus use Hootsuite to monitor social media accounts and conversations; create, schedule and publish social media content and provide reporting on their social media work.

Teams can also redirect messages to each other within the tool, to easily get individuals connected with answers and support. For example, a question about how to apply received by the Engineering Twitter account can be transferred behind the scenes to the Admissions Team for a response.

To join Hootsuite, please contact

Western's Hootsuite Network

The following teams currently use the Hootsuite platform:

To learn more about the features of this tool, you can visit the Hootsuite Enterprise website.


Daily Process

Social Media teams at Western are asked to complete the following process each weekday morning and afternoon:

Staff can access a detailed guide to this Daily Process.


Style Guide

Refer to Western's Social Media style guide when drafting content for any accounts that are affiliated with the University.


Cheat Sheet

Our Social Media cheat sheet keeps track of how to handle each type of message received via Twitter or Facebook, as well as which accounts and hashtags are used for each topic.


Support & Training

For technical support with Hoosuite, please contact

All staff, students & faculty at Western that use Sprout Social are required to complete the training listed on Western's Social Media Training & Resources page.


Mobile Applications

Sprout Social can be used on a desktop or laptop computer via, as well as on iOS (Apple) and Android devices. 

The Sprout Social mobile applications can be downloaded from the Hootsuite website, or you can search for Hootsuite in your phone's application directory or store.



Hootsuite reports will start tracking on the date your team or department is added to the software, and may have historical data if you have previously collaborated with our Hootsuite project.

Take a few minutes to set up your competitor and comparator accounts into the Twitter Comparison section under Reports. This will trigger Hootsuite to start collecting helpful data about these competitors and comparators, as well as your own accounts - which you might want in the future.



Easily share news articles and web links on your social media accounts with the Hootlet or the Hootsuite Browser Extensions.


RSS Feeds

Subscribe to RSS Feeds from your favourite content and news sources and easily browse them in your Hootsuite streams.

  1. Click the Applications icon (puzzle piece) in the left menu bar of your Hootsuite Dashboard.
  2. Search for and install Hootsuite Syndicator Pro.
  3. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of your choice.
  4. Click the "play" icon to turn on the feeds.

A selection of RSS feeds from Western that you may wish to subscribe to:


Add to Desktop

Instructions for adding a Hootsuite icon to the dock of your Mac: