Western health researchers receive $2 million in provincial funding


By Communications Staff
Monday, September 22, 2008
Ten University of Western Ontario researchers have been named among the recipients of more than $21-million in financial support from the province for health research.
Last week, the Ontario government announced 14 institutions and 116 projects throughout the province, including close to 1,000 scientists and researchers, will receive support through the Ontario Research Fund.
Of the overall amount, Western researchers and scientists received $2,038,138. The announcement is part of Ontario’s Innovation Agenda to promote health research.
“Ontario is a global leader in the health sciences and we punch well above our weight when it comes to research and commercialization. Today’s investment is an important part of our government’s $3-billion commitment to enable our top researchers to turn their best ideas into new knowledge, new technologies, improved therapies and better disease prevention,” says Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson.
“By supporting our health researchers we are helping them turn their best research and ideas into quality health care. These types of innovation will help reduce wait times and improve access to care for all Ontarians,” adds Minister of Health and Long-Term Care David Caplan.
The following Western researchers are funding recipients:
  • Kevin Shoemaker – Developing strategies to prevent and repair damage to the cardio-vascular system
  • Stephen Lomber – Testing cochlear ear implants
  • Eugene Wong – Advancing radiation treatment for cancers
  • Alison Allan – Discovering how tumour cells spread to other organs
  • Richard Kim – Developing individualized drug therapy
  • John Lewis – Using nanotechnology to detect early-stage cancer
  • Lynne-Marie Postovit – Identifying new pathways for cancer treatment
  • Mansour Haeryfar – Developing more effective therapies for viral infections
  • Jim Karagiannis – Studying cells to gain insight into how diseases develop
  • Cynthia Dunning – Developing treatments for orthopaedic disorders by learning more about the skeletal system

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