Norton elected to Royal Society


Thursday, July 5, 2007
Chemistry Professor Peter Norton has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC.
Peter Norton
The honour recognizes an outstanding career in chemistry encompassing research related to corrosion in metals and alloys, lubrication and wear, and the microscopic mechanisms of thin-film growth on metals, semiconductors and polymers.
Norton's work has important applications in industry as well as developing innovations in nanotechnology, all in line with RSC's mandate of “enhancing Canada's competitiveness on a global basis."
The RSC, founded in 1882, is Canada's oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization. Nominations require three nominators, plus five letters from independent referees, of whom three are from outside Canada.
Norton credits Prof. Mike Bancroft, his chief nominator, with his election. In addition to the logistical task of sorting out the required documents, Bancroft came across a bit of a problem.
As Norton says “(Bancroft) had to do quite a lot of work because it turns out in Europe there's a nuclear physicist with the same name and initials as mine and also publishes as P. R. Norton. So he had to go through every one of the citations and make sure that it was me and not the other one. It was a lot of effort."
“I'm very pleased; it's a compliment to the whole system really. I've been here 21 years and the department, the faculty and the university has been pretty good to us. That's played a big role and of course my group members, past and present have had a big role in this. It's like all of these things where an individual gets the award but in fact, there's many people who share in it. That's very nice."
The official celebration will be held in November at the next RSC general meeting, which will be in Edmonton. 

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