Western experts available to speak about First Nations issues


By Communications Staff
Friday, January 25, 2013
Looking for experts to provide comment and context for your stories on First Nations issues? Western University has experts from a wide range of academic disciplines including First Nations Studies, History, Law and Sociology available for interviews. Below is a condensed list.
First Nations Studies

Regna Darnell, Professor, Anthropology & First Nations Studies, 519-661-2111 x85087, rdarnell@uwo.ca
EXPERTISE: First Nations, multiculturalism, cross-cultural miscommunication, canadian identity, health and well-being, history of science, social cohesion

Chantelle Richmond, Assistant Professor, Geography, First Nations Studies, Department of Family Medicine, 661-2111 x85324, chantelle.richmond@uwo.ca
EXPERTISE: Current health and social inequalities endured by First Nations and the contributions of environmental change to these realities.

Dan and Mary Lou Smoke, Lecturers, First Nations Studies, Hosts, Smoke Signals on CHRW, 519-661-2111 x85083, dsmoke@uwo.ca
EXPERTISE: First Nations

Also visit Western's First Nations Studies at http://firstnationsstudies.uwo.ca


Douglas Leighton, Associate Professor, History, Huron University College at Western, 519-438-7224 x227, jleighto@huron.uwo.ca
EXPERTISE: First Nations relations in Canada


Michael Coyle, Assistant Professor, Faculty Of Law, 519-661-2111 x88453, mcoyle@uwo.ca
EXPERTISE:  Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal land claims, negotiation, mediation


Paul C. Whitehead, Professor, Sociology, 519-661-3694, paulcw@uwo.ca
EXPERTISE: First Nations social problems

MEDIA CONTACT: Please feel free to contact our experts directly or contact Stephen Ledgley, Senior Media Relations Officer, at 519-661-2111 x85283, sledgley@uwo.ca.














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