Facial Reconstruction of Mummy Unveiled


By Communications Staff
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Friday, Jan. 16, 2004

After several years of work using cutting-edge medical imaging and virtual reality technology, the reconstruction of an Egyptian mummy's face is being revealed. The unveiling will include presentations by those involved with the project and prizes will be awarded to local children who participated in a contest to predict what the mummy's face will resemble.

The Chatham-Kent Museum was given the mummy by the family of George Sulman, whose grandfather bought it in Cairo before the First World War. Andrew Nelson, anthropology professor at The University of Western Ontario led a team of experts that set about creating a virtual three-dimensional version of the mummy and the facial reconstruction.

Last spring, the mummy was brought to London to be laser scanned and CT scanned. The CT scanner created a digital model of the mummy's skeleton and by combining the laser scan with the CT scan, the researchers produced a virtual image of the mummy. The mummy's skull was "extracted" from the virtual image and a physical model was made using a 3-D printer. This model has allowed London portrait artist, Christian Cardell Corbet to recreate the mummy's face, muscle by muscle.

Nelson, Cardell Corbet, Sulman, and Dave Benson, Director of the Chatham-Kent Museum will each give short speeches and will be available to answer questions about this project.

WHEN: Friday, Jan. 16
7 p.m.

WHERE: Chatham-Kent Museum
Chatham, Ontario

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More information can be found at: http://hal.ssc.uwo.ca/media/release_3/index.htm.

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