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Western is proud to welcome Adrian M. Owen




Dr. Adrian Owen has spent the last 20 years pioneering breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience. Some of his research interests include “brain mapping” in the human frontostriatal system, cognitive deficits in patients with Parkinson’s disease, and detecting residual cognitive function in people in a vegetative state and related consciousness disorders.

His work has been published in prestigious journals such as Nature, The Lancet, Science and The New England Journal of Medicine.

Before assuming his position as a Canada Excellence Research Chair at The University of Western Ontario, Owen was a senior scientist and assistant director of the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge. His work there, and at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre at the University of Cambridge, used functional neuroimaging to explore attention, memory and control in brain-injured patients and healthy volunteers.





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Western Welcomes Adrian

Dr. Adrian Owen: Canada Excellence Research Chair Announcement (YouTube, 1:40)